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CT Scan

Dental imagery is crucial in diagnosing various oral concerns and provides a comprehensive view of the minute features of the mouth and the underlying tissues such as the jawbone, tooth roots, etc. Although traditional dental imagery methods like x-rays, hand-held intraoral cameras, and tomography are still in use, we at Troy Ha, DDS, prefer to use the most advanced system of rendering dental images, which is the Cone Beam CT scan. 

What Is a Cone Beam CT Scan?

A Cone Beam CT scan, also known as CBCT, is a form of fully digital computed tomography that uses divergent X-rays to form a cone and map out the oral features of a patient. This modern procedure is becoming increasingly popular for implant dentistry treatment planning and diagnosis, oral surgery, endodontics, and orthodontics. 

The Cone Beam CT scan is very effective and convenient. When undergoing a CBCT scan, the patient can comfortably sit in the dental chair while the CBCT scanner rotates, captures the required images, and acquires the required data. The images rendered by the scan are sent and displayed on a chairside computer screen that your dentist will use for analyzing and diagnosing your oral condition. Based on their observations, your dentist will then suggest the most suitable treatment.

What Are the Advantages of CBCT?

  • CBCT renders images with excellent precision, providing highly detailed images that will help your dentist get a full and clear view of your teeth and gums.
  • For dental implants and placing bridges and crowns, Cone Beam CT scans help map out the positions of the teeth and streamline the required dental procedures.
  • When it comes to oral surgery, CBCT allows the dentist to spot the nerves and blood vessels in the soft tissues and work around them to reduce pain, bleeding, or discomfort.
  • CBCT also makes it much easier for your dentist to spot extremely thin cracks in the teeth, as they can zoom into the images.
  • Rotating the image on all three axes and zooming them as required gives the dentist a virtually unlimited number of perspectives that they can base your treatment on.
  • Getting a Cone Beam CT scan is very convenient for the patient as it takes only a few seconds to capture the images needed. 

If you would like to learn more about convenient dental procedures such as Cone Beam CT scans and get your oral concerns addressed, don’t hesitate to call Troy Ha, DDS at (562) 432-9883 for an appointment.


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