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Dental bridges are ceramic restorations used to replace a missing tooth. They are by far the simplest means to restore extracted teeth as they do not require surgery to be bonded in place, as in the case of dental implants. Bridges can be placed in two visits to the dentist’s practice, making the procedure very convenient.

Why Should You Get Missing Teeth Restored?

Dentists from all around the world suggest getting extracted teeth replaced with prosthetic ones at the earliest to avoid the following drawbacks caused by them:

  • Missing teeth lead to drifting of the adjoining teeth towards the gap.
  • The jawbone could shrink or deteriorate when a missing tooth isn’t replaced.
  • You could experience a change in phonetics if you lose a frontal tooth.
  • You wouldn’t be able to bite or chew food as you always did.
  • Most importantly, a missing tooth would affect the appearance of your smile. It can lead to embarrassment, which would result in a lack of confidence.

Why Choose Dental Bridges?

  • Bridges are made from dental-grade ceramic, which is highly strong and durable.
  • The bridge is customizable according to the size, contour, and color of the missing tooth that has to be replaced
  • Bridges can be completed quickly, making it highly convenient.
  • The dentist would have to remove only a thin layer of enamel from the adjoining teeth during the preparation process, allowing you to retain most of your natural tooth as is.
  • They are highly stable as they are held firmly in place with dental crowns on either side.
  • Bridges restore both oral functionality and aesthetics simultaneously.
  • With regular care, they last for many years without any concerns.

How is a Bridge Placed at Troy Ha, DDS?

When you visit our dental practice Troy Ha, DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for the initial consultation, our team will conduct a thorough screening of your mouth and understand your needs for the bridge. X-rays and digital scans of the mouth will be taken and used as a reference for fabricating the bridge in a dental laboratory, which could take a couple of weeks. During this, we will place a temporary bridge in place to protect the prepared teeth.

During the next consultation, we will place the bridge in the gap and check for a suitable fit. If any changes are required, we will make them and prepare the teeth for bonding. The surface of the adjoining teeth will be etched using a suitable etching solution, and the bridge will be bonded to them using dental adhesives. A bite test will be taken and the bridge will be polished.

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